Day 11 – Survivor Story of Lovern Gordon

Zonta Club of Malden is privileged to share the story of Lovern Gordon, President and Founder of Love Life Now Foundation ( Lovern is passionate about giving victims of domestic violence the information they need to become survivors.    

Lovern is interviewed by Past District 1 Governor, Elizabeth Hart in her podcast – Pivot Point, Success is a Journey.   In the podcast, Lovern gives an honest, frank account of her first experience with domestic violence which started in her home island of Trinidad.  During her childhood, she and her siblings were exposed to brutal domestic violence of their father on their mother that was culturally accepted in her community.  After achieving permanent residency in the United States, Lovern began to live a good life of attending college and working in corporate America. Unfortunately, the good life she was building turned dark when she met her abuser and started a two-year abusive relationship.  Like many victims of domestic violence Lovern’s’ story started as a fairy tale romance but as you will hear there were warning signs along the way.  

pastedGraphic.pngPart 1 of Lovern’s story: Listen here

In this episode where we lay the ground work for how abuse can start, answer the age-old question of “why did she stay” and finishes with the birth of Love Life Now Foundation. There are many lessons learned, however, one that most people do not know is that if you know someone who is experiencing domestic violence be a listening nonjudgmental ear; find out what resources are in your community and get advice from a trained domestic violence advocate.

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance due to domestic violence, we have listed some resources:

National Domestic Violence Resources:

Massachusetts Domestic Violence Resources 

Further Reading Resources

Mashable –

The Joyful Heart Foundation –

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